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Additional 2015 Peace Camp Pictures

Ruby's Peace Camp Photos IMG_1906 IMG_1904 IMG_1903 IMG_1902 IMG_1898 IMG_1896 IMG_1895 IMG_1894 IMG_1893  IMG_1883 IMG_1882 IMG_1878 IMG_1877 IMG_1876 IMG_1874 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1869 IMG_1867 IMG_1866 IMG_1865 IMG_1864 IMG_1837 IMG_1835 IMG_1834 IMG_1832 IMG_1831 IMG_1830 IMG_1829 IMG_1825 IMG_1822


Peace Camp Thursday & Photos of Campers

Here are some photos of our Guadalupe River Park Conservancy Field Trip last Thursday and head shots of peace campers I took.  The photographs were turned into their own personal puppets.

IMG_1780 IMG_1801 IMG_1783 IMG_1782 IMG_1819 IMG_1810 IMG_1792 IMG_1790 IMG_1781P1070341 P1070340 P1070339 P1070338 P1070336 P1070335 P1070334 P1070333 P1070332 P1070331 P1070328 P1070327 P1070326 P1070325 P1070323 P1070321 P1070320 P1070318

Friday at Peace Camp

Dear Peace Camp Families & Leaders,

Thanks for sharing a fun and inspiring week of peace making together.  It was a pleasure making new friends and getting  to know familiar ones even better!  It is not to early to think about next year’s peace camp.  Reserve the dates for Monday, June 13-Friday, June 17, 2016.

And if you believe in this work of helping our children to bring peace principles into their lives and communities then why wait until next June!?!  Let me know if you would like to participate in our San Jose Kids for Peace chapter.

Have a wonderful summer!

Blessings of peace to us all!

Geoff Rimositis

IMG_0306 IMG_0305IMG_0308IMG_0294IMG_0293IMG_0287IMG_0279IMG_0280 IMG_0304 IMG_0303 IMG_0302IMG_0300 IMG_0299

Wednesday at Peace Camp

Our theme today was kindness.  Campers heard the story the Kindness Quilt and made their own kindness quilt panels that showed what kindness meant to them.

We then went on our first field trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum.  We took the light rail which was fun and then we had lunch out on Discovery Meadow, played some games and headed into the museum where delight and laughter reigned supreme!

P1070662 P1070660 P1070652 P1070630 P1070622 P1070612 P1070607 P1070602 P1070595 P1070584 P1070580 P1070568 P1070557 P1070553 P1070550 P1070545 P1070541 P1070539 P1070531 P1070528 P1070526 P1070522 P1070517 P1070512 P1070510 P1070505 P1070502 P1070500 P1070495 P1070493 P1070490 P1070476 P1070474 P1070473

Monday at the 2015 San Jose U.U. Mosaic Peace Camp

Today’s Peace Camp was brought to you by the letter “P.”   Our theme was to use our words to speak in a kind way.  We had a great time in our tribe groups hearing stories and talking about what empties or fills our buckets.  What are the words and actions that do it?  Campers even decorated their own bucket!  Here are photos of the children in their small groups (tribes) and playing in St. James Park.

P1070295 P1070292 P1070291 P1070289 P1070286 P1070285

P1070362 P1070395 P1070393 P1070392 P1070390 P1070388 P1070383 P1070381 P1070380 P1070378 P1070375 P1070374 P1070372 P1070371 P1070370 P1070369 P1070368 P1070366 P1070364 P1070360 P1070359 P1070358 P1070357 P1070356 P1070355

Thanh-Peace Camp Staff
Thanh-Peace Camp Staff
Sydney- Peace Camp Staff
Peace Camp Staff
Oli-Peace Camp Staff
Maddie- Peace Camp Staff
Maddie- Peace Camp Staff
Peace  Camp Director-Geoff
Peace Camp Director-Geoff

Photos from Friday

Here are photos from the last day of Peace Camp 2014:


Above: Lisa leading opening circle, talking with the campers about dealing with emotions.



Above: Geoff leading the campers in one last peaceful labyrinth walk.



Above: Katherine in the pool with campers.



Above: More fun in the pool.



Above: Esther leading “The MOSAIC Theme Song” at closing circle.



Above: All the campers and C.I.T.s and staff for Peace Camp 2014 — holding up peace signs behind the heads of others!

(I’m missing the campers and C.I.T.s already, and I can’t wait until next year’s Peace Camp! — Dan, your camp photographer)